Prevailing Wages Continue to Go Unpaid

New York law requires that employees who do construction, repair, service or maintenance work on public job sites (like state- or city- owned buildings such as schools, prisons, public housing developments and public hospitals) must be paid a higher-than-minimum wage (sometimes as much as $75/hour). They also must either receive health benefits or be paid an hourly supplemental benefits rate. This ensures that private contractors can’t undermine union workers by paying less than union wages. However, many non-unionized employees aren’t aware of these laws, and employers exploit that fact by paying them less than they’re owed. Beranbaum Menken aggressively litigates prevailing wage cases in New York and throughout the country. We are one of the leading firms in this area, with years of experience and specialized knowledge.

Beranbaum Menken recently reached a $5.5 million settlement on behalf of a class of nearly 500 New York state and city fire alarm and sprinkler technicians at Simplex Grinnell LP, the largest fire alarm and sprinkler company in the world. WE are currently litigating similar cases against SimplexGrinnel in New Jersey and California. We are also litigating prevailing wage cases on behalf of roofers working at All Roofing Corp., Rashel Construction Corp. Biltmore General Contractors Inc., and Triangle General Contracting, Inc.

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