Beranbaum Menken has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in the Southern District of New York charging unreasonable force, false arrest, and malicious prosecution against the City of New York and individual police officers on behalf of Vito Amalfitano, who was senselessly and violently beaten by a group of NYPD officers on the Lower East side earlier this year. On January 10, 2015, Mr. Amalfitano, a 24 year-old father with no criminal record, was standing outside a building in his neighborhood when a group of men emerged from an unmarked van and ran at him.  Fearing for his safety, Mr. Amalfitano ran into the building.  The men chased him, caught up with him, and viciously beat him.  It was only after the men placed him in handcuffs that Mr. Amalfitano realized they were actually police officers.

Mr. Amalfitano was hospitalized with multiple facial fractures and a dislocated shoulder, among other injuries.  Despite having committed no crime, Mr. Amalfitano was arrested and charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession and resisting arrest.  All charges against him were dismissed within six weeks.

Beranbaum Menken’s investigation revealed that the supervising officer involved in the attack, then-Sergeant Eric Dym, has been sued in federal court at least four times since 2011 for excessive force and false arrest, including an attack on a 14 year-old boy.  Since Mr. Amalfitano’s arrest in January 2015, Mr. Dym has been promoted to lieutenant.

The case is Vito Amalfitano v. The City of New York et al, 15-CV-9100.

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