Creatives Deserve to Get Paid Too

Beranbaum Menken this week won a settlement on behalf of a worker in the music industry for back wages. Employers in creative industries – like music, design and advertising – often assume that when times are tough, everyone should pay the price. After all, isn’t it worth forgoing a few paychecks to work in a field you love, helping geniuses create works of art? Shouldn’t employees be thankful that they get to work in such a competitive industry at all? Not according to the law. Employers must pay their employees – and most of their interns -- no matter the industry. Allowing employers to get away with dumping their economic woes on their employees only serves to fuel the race to the bottom, making labor law violations virtually standard industry practice. That’s not fair, and that’s not legal. People who work deserve to get paid, even if they love their job, even if they’re interns, and even if they’re hoping that their job will one day lead to bigger things.