Medicare fraud

Blowing the Whistle on Medicare/Medicaid Fraud in the Dermatology Industry

The False Claims Act allows certain kinds of whistleblowers to receive awards for helping collect government money that was companies obtained by fraud. One of the more common types of False Claims Act cases involve Medicare and Medicaid fraud in the health care industry, where health care providers “upcode,” i.e. they indicate that they used a more expensive procedure on a patient than they actually did. Essentially, such doctors are billing the government for expensive procedures that weren’t actually performed. Beranbaum Menken is currently investigating whether a certain well known dermatologist with many offices throughout the metropolitan NYC area has been upcoding to obtain higher payments from Medicare and/or Medicaid for minor procedures on patients with acne or warts.  The firm has information that this dermatologist is upcoding to fraudulently obtain payment for excisions and minor procedures he and his colleagues did not actually perform.  Confidentially call Bruce Menken at (212) 509-1616 if you know of any dermatologist, or any other kind of doctor, that upcodes to line their own pockets and defraud the government.