Sometimes, there really is strength in numbers.

Employers often have seemingly unlimited resources, employing in-house lawyers as well as large outside firms to represent their interests. Employees often feel out-gunned and out-manned. Class actions allow employees to band together to protect, not only the rights of the person bringing the lawsuit, but the rights of all their coworkers who have been equally wronged. Class and multi-party actions serve as a powerful tool to equalize the playingfield between employers and employees, and can have far-reaching consequences that protect past, current, and future employees from unlawful employment practices.

Beranbaum Menken is a leader in class and multi-party employment litigation. For example, the firm recently reached a $5.5 million settlement on behalf of 600 employees and former employees of SimplexGrinnell LP for prevailing wage violations. We also reached a multi-million dollar settlement for service workers who were the victims of wage theft. We are currently litigating a nation-wide collective action under the Age Discrimination and Employment Act on behalf of employees of Mainfreight, Inc., a national freight logistics company. We are also engaged in class action litigations against home health care companies for minimum wage and overtime violations as well as deli workers and cashiers.

If you believe that your workplace rights have been violated, and that those violations may have affected a number of your coworkers, and wish to discuss the possibility of bringing a class action or multi-party lawsuit, contact us to schedule a consultation.