Scott’s Cases

Williams v. EPIC Security Corp., 15-cv-5610 (SDA) - Scott successfully tried as lead counsel a 20-witness wage and hour case in federal court on behalf of a group of security guards who were not paid for the time they spent driving a company vehicle between headquarters and their work sites. Click for Press Coverage.

Grottano. v. City of New York, 15-cv-9242 (RMB) (KNF) (putative class action on behalf of female visitors to NYC jails who were subjected to unlawful body cavity and stripsearches). Click for Press Coverage.

Kantrowitz v. Proctor and Gamble, 16-cv-2813 (RJS) (pregnancy and disability discrimination lawsuit on behalf of pregnant makeup saleswoman). Click for Press Coverage.

Bahena v. Park Avenue South Management, Inc., 15-cv-1507 (VSB) (class and collective action on behalf of a group of building superintendents, after prevailing on a contested collective action motion; obtained $650,000 settlement).

Ortiz-Herrera v. Puerto Rican Family Institute, Inc., 16-cv-0047 (AKH) (false claims retaliation case brought on behalf of whistleblowing non-profit executive).

Fox v. Adaptive Management, Inc., 19-cv-7204 (JPO) (disability discrimination case on behalf of disabled veteran).

Munoz v. City of New York, 17-cv-9583 (LAK) (false arrest case on behalf of New York State parole officer and her disabled son).

Brockey v. Winsupply Inc., 18-cv-2209 (DRH) (multi-plaintiff age discrimination case on behalf of plumbing supply salesmen).

Hoyos v. Perry Garage Company, Inc., 16-cv-2975 (AKH) (multi-plaintiff wage and hour case brought on behalf of a group of parking garage attendants).


Scott Simpson